Double-Cut Harvest System


  • More efficiency, 1 working phase system harvesting seed, stem and leaf
  • Cost savings through less fuel, labor, machine hours
  • More capacity, no throughput fiber mass
  • Higher yields of seed and stem mass, more income
  • Environmental: up to 2.5 times less CO emissions per acre
  • Suitable for harvesting food graded seed
  • Multi purpose machine, can also be used as a conventional combine, more widely employable per year, so more profitable
  • Better fiber processability
  • Capability for flower harvest with optional collection attachment

For Double & Triple Crop Harvesting

  • The Double Cut combine is suitable for harvesting hemp and other bast fiber crops
  • In one single stage the crop is divided into stalks, seeds and leaves (optional)
  • The base of this machine is a conventional combine which can be rebuilt in one day so you can harvest corn, soybeans, wheat, sorghum, rapeseed, barley or other grain crops


  • Capacity for Lift Kit / Top Header: 5,000lbs
  • Expected header size: 20ft / Rigid Platform or Rigid Draper (custom)
  • Capacity for lift Kit / Bottom Header: 5,000lbs.
  • Expected header size/type: 20ft / SuperCrop, Kemper, or Other

Flower Collection Cart

  • The Grasshopper is the perfect collection cart for the Bish Double-Cut Harvest System for increasing control of harvested product. The GrassHoppermay be pulled behind a harvester to collect CBD rich chaff as an addition revenue stream in a grain or stalk focused crop.