Rain-Flo Irrigation Agriculture Vegetable Planting Equipment Manufacturer.

High-speed precision planter
Conserve moisture
Integrated film layer

An agricultural leader in vegetable planting equipment, vegetable growing products, T-Tape drip tape for drip irrigation, plastic mulch, portable water pumps, diesel powered water pumps and overhead crop irrigation. Based in Lancaster County PA, Rain-Flo Irrigation has been serving the farming and gardening industries nationwide for over 35 years. “We enjoy helping our customers grow lush healthy vegetable crops while conserving water.” Part of what makes Rain-Flo’s vegetable growing equipment and irrigation products so successful is the feedback received from farmers and the technology and engineering that are put back into the product line.​

Model 2550 Series II Plastic Mulch Layer

Standard Features

Plastic Mulch Film

3-Row Machine


Drip Tape

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