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Bish Enterprises has been providing innovative products for 40 years, serving farmers and dealers that serve farmers, harvest the crops that help feed America.

Made in USA
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Harvest Accessories
Introducing Fibercut – the Pull Behind Multi-Height Sickle Mower for Hemp Fiber. This innovative mower effortlessly cuts hemp stalks into uniform 30″ sections, simplifying the retting process for fiber separation. It offers adjustable cutting height, easy attachment to tractors, and efficient baling capabilities. Fibercut optimizes hemp farming productivity, saves time and effort, and ensures consistent, high-quality cutting performance for further processing.
Supercrop Hemp Header
The FIRST header specifically designed for harvesting hemp! Its proprietary cutting and feeding mechanism significantly reduce or eliminate wrapping issues commonly faced by headers. With no overhead reel unit, wrapping is further minimized, leading to increased yield. The header features an easy-to-change sickle-section design, allowing for a more aggressive section for hemp harvesting. This design prolongs the lifespan of knife components, maximizing their efficiency and durability during hemp harvesting operations.
Double-Cut Harvest System
An advanced solution for harvesting hemp and other bast fiber crops. This innovative system divides the crop into stalks, seeds, and optional leaves in a single stage. Built on a conventional combine base, the machine can be easily transformed within a day to harvest various grain crops like corn, soybeans, wheat, and more. With its efficient one-working-phase system, the Double-Cut Harvest System streamlines the harvesting process by simultaneously collecting seeds, stems, and leaves, maximizing efficiency and productivity.
SuperCrop® LP
An advanced header designed to revolutionize hemp harvesting. Its proprietary cutting and feeding mechanism effectively minimizes or eliminates wrapping issues commonly faced by headers. The innovative snoots lift branches, optimizing yield while preserving stalk integrity. With an easy-to-change sickle-section design, you can use a more aggressive section for hemp, extending the lifespan of knife components.
Hemp Handler™ 6031
Introducing the Hemp Handler™ 6031 – the ultimate bud-picking harvester! This tractor-mounted harvester features a 3-point hitch design, cutting the stalk near ground level and orienting it perpendicular to the travel direction. The special “gripper” chain conveys the stalk to a wagon or trailer pulled alongside. Powered by the tractor’s PTO, the self-contained hydraulic system ensures smooth operation. Experience efficient and hassle-free hemp harvesting with the Hemp Handler™ 6031.
Budd EZ
The ultimate stripping solution for hemp, marijuana, and hops. Whether you need buds for CBD oil, primo buds for smoking, or hops buds for brewing, Budd EZ reduces labor costs and boosts production. Designed to enhance the debudding process, this machine efficiently handles both freshly harvested and dried stems. Say goodbye to manual labor and embrace the productivity of Budd EZ.
FiberTrack Micro
The innovative solution for hemp leaf, flower, and fiber production. This system combines a stripper header with a forage harvester, allowing for a one-pass harvest of fiber and leaf. Based on a Claas Forage Harvester (convertible for other makes/models), the machine features a mounted stripper header with adjustable height arms, ensuring optimal harvesting performance. Experience the efficiency and convenience of FiberTrack Micro for your hemp harvesting needs.

The pinnacle of efficient harvesting. Say goodbye to wrapping issues with our proprietary cutting mechanism. Maximize your yield with lifted snoots for optimal branch collection. Extend the life of your knife components by easily swapping to a more aggressive sickle-section for hemp. Reduce material loss and increase your bushel/acre yield with our backscreen technology. Enjoy customizable row-spacing options tailored to your needs. Elevate your harvest with SuperCleanCut™ and experience the difference.

Forage Harvester Windrow Attachment
The game-changer for hemp fiber production. Compatible with forage harvesters, it preserves fiber integrity by windrowing stalks separately. Say goodbye to fiber damage and excessive wear on your harvester. Effortlessly transition to further raking and retting processes. Unleash the true potential of your hemp fiber harvest with this advanced attachment. Elevate your productivity and fiber quality today.
Bish Hemp Separation System

The ultimate solution for separating flower from the stalk and seed of whole dry hemp plants. This powerful Hemp Thresher by Bish Enterprises can process up to 1 ton of material per hour, making hemp processing easier and more efficient than ever before. With its continuous flow conveyor, your production facility can operate around the clock, ensuring maximum productivity. Experience the convenience and reliability of the Bish Hemp Separation System for seamless hemp processing.

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