What is a FiberCut?

The FiberCut is a multi-height, pull-behind sickle mower that’s hydraulically driven and developed exclusively towards hemp fiber. This unit’s modular design is built to allow an operator to add, remove, and adjust the cutting arms of the machine. Because the FiberCut can operate at high speeds up to 12 mph, its efficiency is significantly higher compared to conventional and expensive forage harvesters and disc mines. With particular field circumstances, producers are able to perform at their peak. Components, parts, and supplies for this unit are carried by Bish Enterprises and at your local dealership located within the United States. All hemp harvesting equipment developed by Bish Enterprises can be viewed here.

Pull Behind Multi-Height Sickle Mower for Hemp Fiber


Cut hemp stalks into 30” sections for easy​…
  • Retting​
  • Baling​
  • Bale unwinding​
  • Decortication​

1. Can use 4,3,2,1 bar(s) at a time
2. Forward folding arms
3. Manual counterbalance
4. CAT 3,4 point attachment (with option CAT 5 compatibility)
5. Bumpered mounting sheath
6. Can be configured in 4,3,2, or 1 arm(s); as well as 12’, 10’, 8’, or 6’ arm lengths


1. Adaptability to various field conditions
2. Compact and safe road travel
3. Better handle with uneven terrain during harvest/transport
4. Increased versatility and adaptability
5. Enhanced sickle protection when closed
6. Easy retting, baling, bale unwinding, and decortication



Overall Width: 8’ 5”


Overall Width: 20’-7 3/4”

Lowered Position

Overall Height: 11’-3 3/8”
Distance of knife edge to ground: 3”

Lifted Position

Overall Height: 12’-7 7/8”
Distance of knife edge to ground: 16-1/4”


Overall Weight: 11150 lbs.
Overall Length: 27’ 8”
Distance range between knife edges: 27”-36”
Horizontal (Fore Aft Range): 0”-15”
Overall Cut Length (12’ model): 12’-2 3/4”
Tire Size: 16.5L-16.1SL
Hydraulic fluid capacity: 60 gallons Sickle guard size: 2-3/4”
Sickle section size: 3”


Horsepower Requirements
4 bar cutters need 140+ hp tractors
3 bar cutters need 120+ hp tractors                  2 bar cutters need 100+ hp tractors                  1 bar cutter needs 80+ hp tractor                      Exception: 1 bar with 6ft need 45+ hp tractors.

PTO Requirements
1000 RPM 21 Spline

Hydraulic Requirements
2-3 bars needs 3 hydraulic banks                          1 bar needs 1 hydraulic bank

12 vdc

Available Models Include​

412, 410, 408, 406

312, 310, 308, 306

212, 210, 208, 206

112, 110, 108, 106

​Optional Items Available

Tow Package

Special Hauling Hitch

DOT Compliant Lighting

Braking System

Hitch Receiver

Electric Jack


Unit works on a wide range of tractors and 3-point mount categories. The FiberCut is compatible with category 3 and 4. Both hitches (standard and quick-hitch setups) in its standard configuration, while an optional cat 5-point hitch is available for those that require it.

The FiberCut requires less horsepower than competing machines, allowing for a wider range of tractor options available to the operator. We achieve this by powering the unit hydraulically vs mechanically. The lower horsepower requirements reduce operating costs for less fuel consumption and input costs.

Unit is built on a modular platform. The FiberCut allows an operator to add remove and adjust the cutting arms of the machine to allow producers to achieve maximum performance with their specific field conditions.

Easy to Find Parts

Bish Enterprises uses quality components and carries all of the needed parts and supplies for the FiberCut, but was designed with both the customers and existing dealers in mind, and most of the components that are used are already available at local dealerships across the United States.

Bish Enterprises can overnight parts to most places in the continental US in addition to obtaining them from your local implement dealer.

We Stand Behind Our Products

Bish Enterprises offers its industry leading warranty on every NEW FiberCut sold. Bish Enterprises will provide a parts and labor warranty for the components against all manufacturer defects for a term of 12 months.

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