Hemp Hawk

Inspired and Designed by Hemp Farmers

  • Weed control the new and improved way.
  • No more expensive labor.
  • No more plastic.
  • Ideal for hemp and other organic crops such as vegetables, tobacco, and more.

Technical Details

  • Available in 1 through 12 row models
  • 1 row and 3 row models are adjustable from 30″ to 72″
  • 2 row and 4 row models are adjustable from 30″ to 48″
  • Adjusts for up to 3.5′ crop height
  • Adjustable toolbar design
  • Hand hydraulic lift or foot pedal lift models available
  • Available with PTO Pump hookup for hydraulics or remote hookups (machines use from 2-4 remotes depending on size)