Giltner company builds 45-ft. folding corn header

By Ron Burtz on Wednesday, November 1, 2023

Bish Enterprises builds 27-row header for JD X9 combine

  • When using this new 27-row header constructed by Bish Enterprises of Giltner, the John Deere X9 combine can harvest up to 7,357 bushels of corn per hour traveling at a speed of six mph.
  • A new header built by Bish Enterprises of Giltner chews through 27 rows of corn in a field in northeastern South Dakota. The header built for a John Deere X9 combine was constructed using components from two new folding headers, one 18 rows wide and the other 12 rows wide.

Think of a standard 48-foot semi trailer moving sideways through a corn field and you’ll have some idea of the massive size of the new corn header created recently by Bish Enterprises near Giltner.  Over the last two years, the 40-year-old ag equipment manufacturer has worked with a client in northeastern South Dakota to build what it is calling the world’s largest folding corn header. The header…

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