Bish Enterprises Unveils World’s Largest Folding Corn Header, Set to Revolutionize the 2023 Harvest Season

October 12, 2023 08:00 PM AEDT | By EIN Presswire

Bish Enterprises introduces a game-changing 27-row, 20″ folding corn header, setting new standards for the 2023 harvest season.

GILTNER, NEBRASKA, UNITED STATES, October 12, 2023 / — Bish Enterprises, a trailblazer in agricultural innovation for over four decades, has marked another milestone by successfully delivering the world’s most expansive folding corn header, a 27 row 20″ marvel. Designed to meet the evolving demands of modern agriculture, this header promises to redefine efficiency standards for the upcoming 2023 harvest season. Boasting a 45-foot in-field cutting width (reducing to 30’ when folded) and weighing over 8 tons, this equipment seamlessly combines efficiency, versatility, and durability.

Andrew Bish, COO of Bish Enterprises, expressed, “Our newest addition goes beyond machinery. It is our promise to consistently empower the farming community with top-tier tools, ensuring they are equipped to face the challenges and opportunities of modern farming.”

Brad Bish, the Owner and CEO, reflected on the company’s journey, stating, “Each product from Bish is a testament to our family’s unwavering dedication to agriculture. This header, in particular, stands as a beacon of our commitment to innovation and the farming community.”

Key Performance Highlights:
• At a steady pace of 5 mph, the header showcases its prowess by harvesting approximately 6,148 bushels per hour in fields yielding 225 bushels per acre.
• Accelerating to 6 mph, its efficiency peaks at around 7,357 bushels per hour.

The proud owner of this state-of-the-art header can look forward to a transformative 2023 harvest season, leveraging its unmatched productivity.

Bish Enterprises wishes to extend its profound appreciation to the dedicated and talented Bish Team members, local farming families, and collaborators who were instrumental in this project’s success. The invaluable contributions of the Hoelk, Hunnicutt, and Humphrey families, coupled with the support from Bish Team members and the local AKRS team, have been pivotal.

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