Double Cut Harvest System for Hemp – Available in American Market

GILTNER, NEBRASKA – “This is a first for the American hemp market,” said Andrew Bish standing beneath a John Deere 630F Platform Header lifted 9’ in the air, “and it will dramatically lower the barrier of entry into the hemp industry.”  This new kit offered by Bish Enterprises and Hemp Harvest Works of Giltner, Nebraska allows producers to use their John Deere S-Series combine to lift a 20’ header up to 9’ in the air, and attach a secondary cutting system below.
This type of “Double Cut” harvester has been used for hemp production in Europe as early as 2013, but it has been cost prohibitive to introduce a unit to the United States.  Bish Enterprises has overcome this challenge by producing units in the United States.  
“It’s exciting to be able to offer a solution that we know has worked in this marketplace before and that will allow for more hemp grain and fiber production in the United States,” continued Andrew, a 3rd generation manufacturer.  “This is the type of innovation that is needed to propel the hemp industry into the next stage of expansion.”
With the addition of the optional Grasshopper collection system, the Double-Cut Harvest System by Bish instantly transforms from a double-crop solution to a triple-crop solution.  Using a vacuum system that never touches the flower, and filtration system on the collection device, a producer is able to maximize yields, achieve results that were unavailable prior to today
Bish Enterprises entered the hemp industry in 2015 with their SuperCrop® header for grain production.  Their team has developed and engineered many different harvesting solutions for hemp production, with the Double Header Kit being their first product released for 2020.

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