TTT 1900 Bud Trimmer

The TTT 1900 Bud Trimmer comes with everything you need for your product trimming needs! Our pollen tumbler does a perfect job of gently removing small leaves from flowers while preserving the bud structure and aroma. The pollen is trimmed, separated, and extracted using our safe and innovative interchangeable MESHNETS.

The TTT 1900 pollen tumbler is one of the most popular bud trimmer models for sale at Tom’s Tumbler™. As a cost-effective and easy-to-use bladeless trimmer, it quickly processes in one hour what would take one person all day to trim. Streamline your SMALL OR MEDIUM OPERATION with this proven kief extractor today!

  • Made in the USA
  • Easy to set up, disassemble, and store
  • USDA and FDA-certified materials
  • Capable of wet and dry trimming
  • Perfect for small to medium growers, farmers with multiple strains, or food and oil producers
  • Trims up to 20 lbs per hour dry and 60 lbs per hour wet
  • Gentle bud trimming process
  • Fast and super quiet machine
  • Trims, separates, and extracts pollen
  • More effective than hand trimming
  • Safe trimming that delivers better results
  • Easy-to-use bud kief extractor
  • Minimal maintenance required

Capacity: 1-2 lbs per 3 minute cycle, 20 lbs/hr


Whether you want to gently trim small, medium, or LARGE BATCHES of product beautifully, our hemp flower trimming machines save up to 90% of hand trimming time and up to 50-60% of hand trimming labor costs while still achieving the best hand-trimmed quality you can get. The TTT 1900 bud and pollen tumbler improves efficiency for small to medium-sized growers and processors with multiple strains for food and oil production.


Keep your kief extractor contaminant and dust-free with our WATERPROOF TUMBLER COVER! Be sure to check out other ACCESSORIES, including CO2 ADAPTOR KITS for wet trimming, ORGANIC RESIN REMOVER, KIEF NETS, and more.

You can also choose the 110 Micron Kief Net or 200 Micron Kief net to replace the standard 151 Micron Kief Net included with your pollen tumbler. CONTACT US to specify this in your order.


Some assembly is required. Please follow our guides below.