METRA GPC Grain Cleaners

Pre Cleaner unit makes METRA ADS grain cleaners with universal equipment for cleaning of grain

The pre-treatment unit is designed for pre-treatment and separation of large fractions from a common pile of grain, legumes, vegetables and melons, as well as all kinds of loose mixtures. METRA GPC is a bunker with a rotating calibration grid installed in it. The grid is mounted on a removable frame and is driven by a gear motor. The rotation speed is controlled by a frequency converter. The operation of the unit is reduced to the separation of grain size from the heap by shaking it through a mesh netting, the cells of which are of a certain size. Initially, the grain enters the bottom of the grid, after which it continues to move up until it falls down. Large debris that has not passed through the grid cells falls into the receiving funnels to enter the waste bin or into the cyclone sedimentation chamber. Next, the grain enters the receiving hopper of the METRA ADS separator, or another receiving device for further transportation or processing. METRA GPC can operate independently or together with the separator METRA ADS or METRA MGС. The use of a pre-treatment unit will allow achieving ideal results for cleaning grain with any weed and in just one pass.