CleanCut Header

The CleanCut is designed for harvesting tough and fibrous crops while maintaining gentle handling of cut material. Cut material lands on an over-sized draper conveyor and conveyed to right side of the header.

Cut plants are conveyed into an offload conveyor and into a truck or cart driving alongside the harvester. The offload conveyor can easily be detached for windrowing plants alongside the cutting path.

Built with over-sized reels and conveyors, the CleanCut resists wrapping of tall plants and fiber. Catch-points and other potential wrapping points are minimized in the design of the cutter and framing.

The CleanCut can be mounted to already existing equipment and loader arms. Mounting brackets and other components can be designed for a variety of already existing equipment 150 HP or more and PTO driven hydraulics can be included when hydraulic capacities of the equipment do not meet the CleanCut requirements.

Hydraulics for belting, cutting blades, reel speeds, and offloading conveyor angle are controlled in-cab for on the fly adjustments.

All mounting is designed with quick releases. CleanCut headers can be attached or detached in 30 minutes.

Bush-Type Plant

The CleanCut 1560 and CleanCut 1860 work best for small bush-type plants at 3 to 5 feet in height and planted on wider row spacing of 22 to 72 inches.

Mounted at 9 inches above the ground, the sickle type cutter will harvest stems up to 3 inches in diameter and place them on the over-sized 60 inch deep draper belt.

Standard mounting uses a three-point hitch, or custom hitch provided by Formation-Ag.

Draper conveyor, offloading conveyor, and reel are variable speed. The offloading conveyor angle and reel height are also adjustable using the hydraulic system.

The 1560 and 1860 will harvest up to 5 acres per hour at 1-4 MPH using tractors 150 HP or greater. Field and crop conditions will determine actual harvesting rate.

When the header is raised, a 300 HP or greater large row crop tractor with front and rear dual tires should be used for stability.

Various Sizes Available
  • 8550 – 8.5′ cutting width, 50″ belt
  • 1550 – 15′ cutting width, 50″ belt
  • 1850 – 18′ cutting width, 50″ belt
  • 2440 – 24′ cutting width, 50″ belt
Attaches to existing Farm Equipment 200 HP or greater
  • Utilizes existing hydraulic system
  • External hydraulic drive available
  • In-cab controls and adjustments
Adjustable cutting height adjustment
  • 8″ minimum
  • 15′ maximum (or reach of loader)
Live offload options
  • Truck
  • Cart
  • Ground (windrow)
Mass Planted Plants

The CleanCut 1540, CleanCut 1840, and CleanCut 2440 work best for tall, mass planted crop – planted on 9 inch or 7.5 inch row spacing and grown to height over 6 feet.

The header is mounted using a loader mount and will harvest between 9 inches off the ground up to 15 feet, or the maximum height of the loader.

Cut material is placed onto a 40 inch deep draper conveyor and conveyed to an offload conveyor.

Draper and offload conveyor speed, and reel speed are adjustable. Offloading conveyor angle, and reel height are also adjustable using the hydraulic system. In-cab, electric controls are included.
The standard 15, 18, and 24 foot widths allow for the mounting of a secondary header below the CleanCut to allow for cutting both fiber and flower in a single pass.

An additional PTO driven hydraulic system can be added if the tractor or equipment hydraulic system is not adequate.

The CleanCut 2440 can harvest up to 12 acres per hour at 2 to 4 MPH. Actual harvest rate may vary depending on field and crop conditions.