NoCo Hemp Expo and Industry Priorities for 2023 Farm Bill

COLORADO SPRINGS, Co. — I took the podcast on the road again.

Sort of. I took a plane this time.

Either way, I spent four days last week in Colorado at the ninth annual NoCo Hemp Expo in in Colorado Springs.

This is the largest gathering of its kind in the U.S. Part expo, part educational experience, it was a celebration of all things hemp.

One highlight for me was seeing Lancaster County’s own Steve Groff on the main stage talking about cover crops, no-till farming and growing hemp.

Another was observing the degree to which fiber and grain are dominating the conversations around hemp, as more people embrace hemp’s potential as a material and a food.

One of the key moments of the expo for me was a Thursday morning meeting of industry leaders and stakeholders to discuss hemp priorities for the 2023 Farm Bill. A majority of the national and state level trade associations participated.

This week’s podcast will focus on that meeting. What are the industry priorities for the Farm Bill? Is there consensus? What are the differences and how can they be reconciled? And what is the state of the hemp industry coming out of NoCo 2023?

Listen and find out.

This week’s guests include Wendy Mosher from New West Genetics, Patrick Atagi from the National Industrial Hemp Council, Andrew Bish for the Hemp Feed Coalition, Jonathon Miller from U.S. Hemp Roundtable, Courtney Moran from Agricultural Hemp Solutions, Eric Steenstra from Vote Hemp, Eric Singular from International Hemp, and Herrick Fox from the Meristem Institute.

New West Genetics

Hemp Feed Coalition

Hemp Harvest Works

International Hemp

U.S. Hemp Roundtable

The National Industrial Hemp Council of America [NIHC]

Agricultural Hemp Solutions

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