Hemp Handler

Hemp Handler

Harvest Whole Plants to Pick the Buds!

American made
Great condition
Harvest 2,000+ plants an hour

Hemp Handler TM

Harvest Whole Plants to Pick the Buds!
The Hemp Handler™ 6031 is a Single Row Whole Plant Hemp Harvester. This harvester is a tractor 3-point hitch mounted harvester designed to cut the stalk at near ground level, orient the stalk perpendicular to the direction of travel, and positively convey it by special “gripper” chain to a wagon or trailer which is pulled alongside the harvester. The self-contained hydraulic system is powered by the PTO of the tractor carrying the harvester.

Increased Efficiency

The Hemp Handler 6031 dramatically improves the speed and efficiency of hemp processing, enabling higher output in less time.


The Hemp Handler 6031 is designed to accommodate large-scale hemp operations, allowing for future growth and expansion.

Time Savings

With its efficient design, the machine saves valuable time during the harvest season, enabling you to focus on other important tasks.

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