CleanStrip Harvester

CleanStrip Harvester

The CleanStrip is designed to harvest only the buds while leaving the stalks in the field.

Precision Harvesting

Speed and Productivity

Reduced Waste

CleanStrip Harvester

Collection of the harvested buds can either be collected in Formation Ag’s GrassHopper cart, or conveyed directly into a truck driving alongside the harvester. Collection of only the buds allows for easier processing of the material before sending to processing. By leaving the stems in the field, drying efficiency can be greatly increased and waste material going into extraction is minimized. The CleanStrip will be available in several sizes and can allow for harvesting at speeds of up to 8 acres per hour (depending on planting method, plant size and shape, moisture content, etc.) The CleanStrip is currently being tested and is currently being engineered for availability in 2020.

Mass Planted Plants

The CleanStip works best for planting methods on rows of 28 inches or less, with row spacing of less than 18 inches. This planting method encourages the plants to grow vertically and produce the buds and CBD content at the top of the plant.

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