T Zero

The New Standard in Cannabis & Hemp Trimming

  • Throughput of up to +600 lbs/hr hour wet
  • Industry leading power for continuous duty operation
  • Trims wet and dry
  • 304 SS components for GMP compliance
  • IP65 electronics for true washdown environments
  • Quad blades generate 56,000 cuts/minute
  • Dual 304 stainless steel tumblers provide
  • 6.5 ft3 tumbler volume
  • Industrial grade automation provides reliability and user safety
  • Full customization of all inputs from Z-OS touchscreen HMI
  • Programmable set-points and data collection allow for tracking metrics and KPIs
  • 2-Stage HEPA air filtration
  • Air-powered self cleaning filters
  • Water misters reduce friction and allow for simple cleaning
  • Rotary airlock for trim collection directly onto conveyors
  • Wireless connectivity using WiFi, Bluetooth or LTE for remote diagnostics and monitoring
Record-Breaking Throughput

T-ZERO trims wet and dry, generating 56,000 cuts per minute for a total wet throughput of 600+ lbs per hour.

Commercial Grade Automation

Siemens PLC automation with touchscreen interface enable custom presets and data collection for maximum efficiency and product consistency.

Industry Leading Performance

Industry leading power allows continuous duty operation and ultimate reliability in the most demanding harvests

Complete Control Over Quality

Full speed control on all inputs including the tumblers, blades, vacuum and conveyors gives you complete customization to match your trimming needs.

Featuring dual 304 stainless steel tumblers providing 6.5 cubic feet of tumbler volume, T-ZERO moves over 600lbs per hour of product, both gently and efficiently.

  • Variable speed control and angle adjustments allows fine tuning specific to cultivar characteristics
  • Lean workflow using single piece flow
  • Water mist system for high throughput of wet trimming
  • Optional air-lock installation for continuous trim separation directly onto conveyors

The new Siemens PLC based Z-OS touchscreen HMI combines powerful precision, flexibility and customization features.

  • Programmable set points and data collection allow for tracking metrics and KPIs
  • Optional SCADA integration
  • Water mist system for high throughput of wet trimming
  • Optional connectivity for remote diagnostics and monitoring using web based app

Powered by an industrial-grade 20HP motor, T-ZERO is ready for the largest production demands in the industry.

  • 20 HP blade motor, 1 HP tumbler motor, 25 HP blower motor
  • 5000 CFM trim collection
  • Self-cleaning filters with HEPA filtration
  • Water mist system reduces friction

Never before have facilities had this type of control over the product and overall production.

  • Variable speed blades, tumbler and airflow
  • Configureable machine incline levels
  • Individual control of both conveyors
  • Customized “recipes” via touchscreen