SuperCrop® LP Copy

SuperCrop® LP
Row-Crop Header Designed for CBD Hemp Production
Cutting-Edge Technology
Increased Yield
Consistent Quality

The SuperCrop® LP

Introducing the First Row-Crop Header Designed for CBD Hemp Production. Our proprietary cutting and feeding mechanism is specifically engineered to address common wrapping issues faced by many headers. With the innovative snoots, branches are lifted to increase yield while preserving the stalk. Our header stands out with its easy-to-change sickle-section design, allowing you to swap out for a more aggressive section when harvesting hemp, thereby extending the lifespan of your knife components. Additionally, the inclusion of a backscreen significantly reduces material loss, leading to higher bushel/acre yields. Whether you have narrow row drilled (7 ½”) crops or crops planted up to 40” apart, our header is versatile enough to handle them all with precision and efficiency.
Upgraded Features
Hydraulically Controlled Row Unit Chains now Standard
Full Finger Auger
Low Profile
Reinforced Row Divider Cover Frames (Optional)

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