Wojko is a monoecious variety, dual purpose for fiber & seed production, developed in early 1990’s by the INF&MP Poland. It adapted very well in the 2016 hemp trials at the University of Kentucky.

Type: Monoecious
Primary use: Fiber/Hurd
Adaptability to climate: Wojko can be produced both where the temperatures are more rigid and humid, and where the climate is drier and more temperate.
THC content: < 0.2 %
Vegetative cycle: 130 days
Harvest date: Est September – October
Grain/seed yield: Est 450 grams/m2
Height at maturity: Est 2.39 m
Flowering: Est. July/August
Seed rate: Est 50 kg ha
Biomass yield (green): Est > 53.32 t/ha