Dingler 1.1

KLR #8 aka Dingler 1.1

This is a standout for indoor and greenhouse boutique production. Unlike its sister it is a much larger and faster growing plant. It will produce nearly twice the volume of flower than its sister but the flowers are not near as dense and seem to remain very foxtail like in comparison. For whole plant harvest the ratio of trunk/stem/petiole/flower we consistently see a 10-12.5% total CBD HOMOGENIZED value. For raw flower biomass we consistently see a 15-23% total CBD value. This plant seems to have a significant blood circulatory increase effect when ingested and particularly in the erogenous zones of the body. Total THC compliant flower found through our own field and laboratory testing. We recommend that you always test throughout the season to monitor the chemical values of plant tissue.

  • Indica Dom Hybrid
  • Feminized seed only
  • Dominant Terpene profiles: Camphene, Humulene, Caryophyllene, Terpinolene, others
  • Harvest: 8 weeks indoor, Early to Mid September Outdoor/Field/Full season
  • Palate: A dank musky earthy overtones with hints of rancid gas