Autopilot 1.0

Autopilot is the premier, high-CBD autoflower genetic from HiLo Seed Company. It delivers exactly what a hemp farmer wants from a crop.

Set your farm on autopilot.

With its uniformity, stability, and consistent ratios, Autopilot has fast become a well-known name among farmers growing hemp throughout the US. This day-neutral seed is produced exclusively at a climate-controlled greenhouse facility in North Carolina to ensure clean, uncontaminated seed.

  • Autopilot flowers on schedule, independent of how much light the plant receives. This means predictability, less dependence on weather, and multiple harvests per year.
  • The 75-day cycle and short, compact size helps maximize field spacing and seasonal yields. You can concentrate on your plants densely, with up to 20,000 per acre and no diminished results.
  • Autopilot pairs well with staggered planting and leads to more controllable harvests and processing. This means fewer bottlenecks, and increased yields through interplanting with slower growing, full-term plants on the same acreage.

Fast to Harvest
75–85 days

High CBD Low THC
Average ratio of 24:1

Machine Plantable
Directly sown or transplanted

Ratio of 1:3,000

Plantable year-round
In appropriate climates

Machine Harvestable
Take down fields of compact, whole plants en masse

Shortened time in the field means fewer pests, disease, weeds

High Yield
Short flower cycles means multiple crops per year

High Germ Rate